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At Yamalia travel we put the pieces together to create the perfect travel for our clients!  We are a local businesses with a global team.

A group of dedicated, local adventurous employees wanted to promote and sell the type of travel that they loved to do themselves and were passionate about. Over the years the passion for this kind of travel has been contagious and it is the foundation for Yamal Travel.

We are all passionate about the Yamalia wilderness, their people and amazing nature. Thanks to our close collaboration with the best local experts a close relationship with the nomadic families we visit and the international experience of our guides we can offer unique travel services to the visitors. We invite adventurous and independent-minded people to explore one of the most isolated and wild region on the planet with us.


Our Team

No one has the level of experience, depth of knowledge or range of itineraries around the Yamal wilderness that Yamal Travel does. Our international highly experienced and skilled team of Wilderness Guides (WGA certified), International Mountain Leaders, Outdoor guides, Local guides, drivers and travel consultants are aimed to provide the best service possible.


Tourism is also a growing industry in Yamal. With this proliferation of travel comes a heavy responsibility on us and all travelers.
We are committed to ensuring that our travelers enjoy the best experiential holiday available and travel in a responsible way that is kind to the communities we visit and the environment.

Our services 

- Group and Individual Travel services

- Bespoke travels & expeditions

- TV & Film services

- Logistic travel services; train, flight tickets, hotel booking...