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Yamal Travel specializes in adventure, photography and anthropology tours and expeditions that offer extraordinary opportunities. Our tours offer the opportunity to visit some wonderful locations along with like-minded travelers whilst being accompanied by one of our internationally qualified guides. 

Book a tour through us and we are sure that you will have an unforgettable experience.


Specializing in small, intimate group trips, hand-crafted  itineraries, expert guides and a personal connection to nature. From trekking trips  to kayaking and rafting, fishing, crosscountry skiing, snowshoeiing, backcountryskiing in comfort or expeditionstyle: you choose!

Expedition support: Organisation of and service for all kinds of expeditions and rent and sale of equipment. 

Photo Expedition/Photographers

Our adventures offer you a chance to combine a spectacular vacation with a wonderful creative learning experience. Our expeditions are typically more photography intense, but not necessarily. Everyone open for adventure is always welcome.

Film& Media

Yamal travel offers logistic and technical support in some of the world’s most inhospitable environment for film and media crews.

Field services range from re-supply by ground or air and equipment rental, to providing a fully staffed field camp and guides to support your project. Our team includes guides with specific experience in science and film support.

Quality field logistics can make or break a project. With decades of experience outfitting and leading all sorts of groups in remote locations throughout the world, we are uniquely positioned to help you achieve your goals, no matter how ambitious; research, scientific and logistics operations.In addition to our field services and outfitting capabilities, we are available for consultation, reconnaissance and in-town expediting services. With an impeccable safety record, expert camp managers, rope safety specialists, survival experts and experience we can offer you a professional and cost effective service.

Explore new borders, follow remote migration routes, or embark on an expedition in Yamal Get up close and personal with Yamal's nature and wildlife!