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YAMAL POLAR TRAIN - The most remote train of the world...

The route of the Yamal Polar Express is 3,550 kilometres (2,206 miles) by train from Moscow, north-west to the Arctic, across the Ural Mountains, into Asia and Siberia, across the Arctic Circle to the remote outpost of Bovanenkovo and back to Salekhard, the capital of the Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous Region in Russia's north-west region of Arctic Siberia. 

From Moscow’s Yaroslavskaya station the new train will travel via the cities of Yaroslavl and Vologda en route to the junction of Konosha in Arkhangel region. From here the train takes the 1,570-kilometre Pechora Railway with a brief stop to explore Kotlas, centre of the Gulag system of prison and forced labour camps used to construct the railway. Departing Kotlas the train passes into the Komi Republic on its long trek north through desolate and wild terrain, the only towns and villages existing to serve the railway.

Day 1.  Arrival at Moscow – Polar train (departures on tuesday and friday)
Evening departure from Moscow’s Yaroslavski station, terminus of the fabled Trans-Siberian Railway. Overnight pass Yaroslavl where Europe’s longest river, the Volga is crossed. Vologda, which dates back to the thirteenth Century, is passed in the early hours, from where the train heads north and into Arkhangelsk region.
Train travel in 2nd class 4 bed sleeping compartment (1st class 2 bed sleeping compartment or 2nd class compartments for 2 persons are bookable) AC train.

Day 2 Pechora-Komi (B, D)
The junction station of Konosha is reached by daybreak where we turn East and onto the 1,559-kilometre Pechora Railway. In the afternoon a short break allows a visit to Kotlas at the confluence of the Northern Dvina and Vychegda rivers. After this the train enters the Komi Republic where the Virgin Komi Forests were given UNESCO World Heritage Site status in 1995. 
AC train 

Day 3 Polar Circle & The Urals (B,D)
In the morning you will reach the railway station Chum, here starts the Transcontinental Arctic Circle Railroad. At noon you will cross the border Europe and Asia.  The railway then climbs the Ural Mountains with spectacular views, passing from Europe to Asia and entering Siberia. Shortly before arrival at Labytnangi we cross the Arctic Circle.
AC hotel.

Day 4 Labytnangi & Salekhard (B,L)
A free day to explore Salekhard, the capital of the Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous Province. It is unique as the only city in the world which lies directly on the Arctic Circle. The history, people and nature of the province are chronicled in the excellent Shemanovsky museum here, which is probably best known as home of ‘Lyuba’ the 42,000 year-old baby mammoth found in 2007 in a state of almost perfect preservation.

In the evening transfer to the train station Obskaya by buses, Obskaya is located exactly on the northern latitude 66.5 degrees - the Arctic Circle and here starts your journey by the Arctic Yamal Railway, rail travel in 2nd class 4 bed compartment, compartment for 2-person occupancy is available, additional charge). AC train

Day 5 Arctic Yamal Railway Gazprom-Trans (B,D)
A full day on the Obskaya-Bovanenkovo Railway. Leaving the Ural Mountains behind the train steadily pushes north across the tundra, with the trees all but disappearing. Evening arrival at Karskaya, the world’s most northerly railway station. 

Day 6 Arctic Yamal Railway (B,D)
The river Yuribey you cross in the morning, the construction of the bridge crossing over the Yuribei River was undertaken in harsh climatic conditions, it is the world's longest bridge located beyond the Arctic Circle, close to the bridge a Nenets tribesman found a Baby Mammoth of 10,000 years. 
The rest of the day is free for you to enjoy your final day on board the train and reflect on your remarkable journey and this land of extremes. A farewell dinner is served before retiring for the night.

Day 7 return trip (B)
Early morning arrival back at Obskaya and transfer to Salekhard airport for departing flights or to the city.