Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous Okrug or Yamalia was established as an administrative entity on December 10, 1930. The administrative center of the autonomous okrug is the town of Salekhard. Two other large towns are Novy Urengoy (about 120,000 inhabitants) and Noyabrsk (about 105,000). Yamalia is the land of untouched nature where flora and fauna are closely intertwisted with the traditions of the indigenous peoples. This is one of the few places where people can feel the unity with nature. Endless ices, the northern lights and the white nights

But summer comes too; birds coming back home with their cackling they fill the countryside, deer bask in the green grass and valleys covered with berries.

Nenet herders can migrate hundreds of kilometres per year between their summer and winter pastures....

In the overwintering pastures, reindeer usually dig beneath the snow to feed on lichens growing on the ground. When the snow starts to melt in the spring, the herders move their reindeer back towards the coastal areas (which tend to lose snow cover more quickly), which serve as summer pastures for the reindeer. In these coastal regions, the reindeer feast freely on the grasses, shrubs and mushrooms of the Arctic tundra. Today more than 10.000 Nenets herd 300.000 domestic reindeer on the pastures of the Arctic tundra. These Nomads of the Siberian arctic depend heavily on their reindeer herds, using them for food, clothing, tools, transportation, and more as they migrate more than a thousand kilometers across the tundra every year.

Visit Yamalia

Access has long been difficult, there are no roads and to visit the area is still a diffuclt process for outsiders.

The Yamal Peninsula enjoys limited access to foreigners. Special permits are required to gain entry. Strict regulations must be complied with in order to obtain permits. Entrance into Russia requires a travel visa that needs to be applied for in your country of residence.

We will provide the letter of invitation for this tour but the visa and any associated fees are the responsibility of each traveler.